A quick glimpse on Riqaa script

Ahmed Kandil

Staff member
In the beginning, Reqaa Script was named to express a new calligraphy that emerged in Islamic East countries ( Islamic world with the exception of the Arab Maghreb and Andalusia), it is similar to the Kufic calligraphy, except that it is not more developed . A precise geometric rules of kufic hindered the calligraphers to promote Reqaa script in a geometric way. The calligrapher who developed that style was Ibn Muqla 4th AH, then Ibn Al-Bawab who came after him, and fixed its rules.

The first Reqaa script was not like the one we recently know, it was rather practical script that used for editorial and administrative purposes, not for writing the Qur’an. Reqaa script derived it's name from the small parchment that was used in writing calligraphy.