What is the good pen for you to write Arabic calligraphy?

Ahmed Kandil

Staff member
The adjective “good” is subjective. You must search to find the pen that suits you. I prefer the Bamboo pens for everyday practicing, because it is easy to use, it carries reasonable ink drops, cheap, and available as well. I also like the way it reacts on paper. You don't have to press too hard on the nib to keep the ink flow constantly

There are thousands of pens on the market so it would be nice to have a look. Carry your pen everywhere! It doesn’t matter if you prefer Jali pens, Aluminum pens, Handam pens or Celi pens you can see a lot of pen styles in my Arabic calligraphy store. if you encounter any hardship in using your pen just tell me!

Whether you plan to write Naskh, Reqaa, or any other styles, it is difficult to form beautiful letters without warming up. Doing a few simple exercises will help you write clear and obvious letters. If you are interested in further exercises, improve your handwriting online course to empower your script. Calligraphy exercises are often simple but powerful, and the more you do, the bigger the difference you will notice.
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