How do we learn Arabic calligraphy?

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Talent is not necessary. Anyone can learn Arabic calligraphy and be creative in writing it even if he does not have a good talent or any preconceived idea about it. Studying calligraphy according to its rules, and techniques in addition exercising more on writing, is an easy method if the person really wants to learn it and has the power of observation and the ability to implement what he learned, but if a person has a talent, he must refine it and work on developing it with one of the famous calligraphers, then he begins to study and have intensive training in order to reap the fruits of his talent in the fullest manner, as is the case with any other talent. A person may have a talent that he knows of, but he does not know the way to develop and refine it well.

There are some basic factors that are necessary when learning Arabic calligraphy, if they doesn't exist, the quality of the calligrapher will decrease and the study period will be extended.

1- The presence of a calligraphy teacher to guide learners, correct their mistakes, make his observations, and evaluate there results, whether the teacher is in a school or online one.

2- Acquiring information, instructions, and rules of calligraphy through looking at many specialized books in that art.

3- Practicing calligraphy constantly. It is impossible to learn the art of calligraphy styles in a short time, so it is necessary to be patient.

4- Dedicate an hour a day or more for training and practicing calligraphy.

5- Allocate high-quality tools for training and take care of them.

6- Training in groups is a popular practice in order to raise the spirit of competition and stimulate performance improvement, exchange information and share opinions.

These factors are required to the learner to be able to implement what he observes, so calligraphy requires a lot of strength and accuracy in observation and sensitive hand to be able to implement what he observed, the speed of learning depends basically on this trait, through which we can say that this person has a talent and is ready for learning Arabic calligraphy.
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Good points.
* Sitting well is the most important thing to learn to prevent back and neck pain.
* Learn how to take care of your materials and nibs to save them and keep them for a long time. They are very rare and expensive. Clean nibs after work to prevent clogging.